Which Is the best HCG drops for weight loss? – Solved

I am going to reveal the HCG drop which provides maximum weight loss and is the best of all.

It is the only HCG drop brand (among very few) which is genuine and is legally allowed to use in the United States.

You will not only be able to lose weight but will gain a new habit of proper eating and dieting. This change will continue throughout your life.

Let me tell you how I found this HCG drop which resulted in maximum weight loss.

Few years back I was heavy. I had a beautiful daughter and a hard working husband.

Everything was fine until one day I suddenly had difficulty in breathing.

A pricking paid shot in my left chest. I woke up from my bed and went out to get fresh air.

My husband and daughter were tight asleep. I had this confusion of whether I should wake them up.

I decided not to.

Fear of a heart attack crept. I was sweating profusely. I was damn sure it was heart attack.

Then after a couple of minutes the breathing difficulty had stopped. I was relieved.

I promised myself to get checked the next day.

I didn’t tell anyone in the family.

The next day I got up and got myself checked.

The doctor after hearing said there were two diagnoses for what I described. It was either a problem of gas or a mini heart attack.

Since, I was overweight it was the latter according to his guess.

However, he needed an angiogram to be sure.

I couldn’t believe him. But I had to. Here I was overweight, had a heart attack symptom at the age of 30. What am I doing? I thought to myself.

I promised the doctor for angiogram as soon as possible.

When I returned home, I fell into the bed. I looked at my daughter who is only 1 and half year old. It was then I promised that I will change my life for good.

I got hooked onto my computer.

For days I was searching for a diet plan which would bring my life back.

I was more interested int he Atkins Diet. But for some reason it didn’t seem for me.

Then I stumbled on HCG diet. It got my interest with all the testimonials.

I was like wow but then I got disheartened. The HCG diet is not FDA approved.

I did some more digging to find out why it wasn’t FDA approved but still is popular.

Later, I learnt that HCG diet is a low calorie diet and you are bound to lose weight irrespective of whether you use HCG drops or not. Since, HCG diet experts claim weight loss is linked with HCG drops  ingestion, it was never approved.

However, the idea of ‘you are bound to lose weight with HCG diet’ fell on me.

I told to myself “Here is a weight loss program where I am bound to lose weight”.

But then I got stuck. Should I choose HCG drops or Injections.

Again I did some research and found HCG drops are cheaper and best.

Then while searching for which HCG drops to use I came upon this list of best  HCG drops by Helen Sanders.

Helen Sanders recommended HCG complex. However, she said that HCG Triumph was equally effective but a little pricier than HCG Complex.

Since HCG Complex was a cheaper HCG drop I opted for it.

I got it delivered in 5 days.

Now fast forward it for two months.

I had lost 10 pounds in 2 months.

I was disappointed. The HCG diet  promised I would lose at least 10 pounds per month. So that would be 20 pounds for two months.

So I only half  reached my goals.

I followed all the HCG diet protocol and ate all allowed foods as per the different phases. Except for some occasional cheating.

I decided to try HCG Triumph this time.

I ordered and got it within 3 days.

Fast forward it to a month.

I had lost 15 pounds. It was unbelievable for me. In short it was like a miracle.

I got more and more confidence in myself. Continued HCG Triumph into second month. Lost another 10 pounds.

I was determined to lose more weight. Hence, continued into third month. But this time I lost only 4 pounds.

I guess my body was getting used to the diet and drops. Therefore, I took 2 weeks off from the diet.

Again I was back and lost a whopping 10 pounds in the fourth month.

And from then I have never looked back. And there hasn’t been a need for another HCG drop.

I have lost several pounds and living a beautiful live for the past few years.

However, the journey isn’t easy. There are some pitfalls and risks involved. The diet is really low in calorie and is not suitable for all.

WebMD wrote an article on HCG diet which shows the real practical truth. Read it here to find if its for you.

I would have written all my struggle with HCG diet and weight loss but I don’t want a personal story reflect the entire weight loss system.

Therefore, to conclude HCG Triumph is the best HCG drop.

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Note: Currently I am experimenting with HCG injections. I am trying to replace HCG drop with Injections. They are more effective than HCG drops. However, injections are costlier than drops. but if you would like to try HCG injections then I recommend to try HCG drops for a couple of months and then switchback to Injections. BTW if you are curious to try HCG injections then you can purchase HCG injections from here. This site recommends HCG injections only from three sellers. And all of them are best.