Sample 800 Calorie Diet

When it comes to dieting many people often go for the same thing over and over again. You may have even tried natural diets, cutting on food intake, joining a gym and even having a personal trainer all in the name of getting in shape. HCG diet is another diet that has come into the market promising more than all the above.

HCG diet uses a combination of the HCG as a supplement in aiding you to lose weight together with a strict 800 calories diet or sometimes even lower. This makes sure that the ones in the diet have to eliminate most of the things in their diet for it to work.HCG diet risks

You may now have to start wondering if it is the HCG that is working or if it is the 800 calorie diet which makes one lose the weight so drastically. You probably already know the dangers that come with cutting down on calories however with HCG this seem a little bit worse. This in fact is openly seen by the amount of foods that you have to cut out, some things such as carbohydrates are completely cut out making it almost impossible for you to function as you do not have energy. In addition the fact that you have to reduce your calorie intake to as low as 800 calories do not do any justice, you might lose the weight but then again all the muscle goes down with it thus you are left fragile.

The HCG diet can also be termed as life threatening, this is because you will rarely use any some of the body parts in your body, this in turn makes them go on a go slow mode .some might even shut down making you have to rush to the hospital after such a long time with no use.

The 800 calorie HCG diet basically does not last long, this is because once you stop the diet and go back to your normal routine or even on a cleaner version, and you will gain all the weight back or worse still even more.