It’s tough to believe although that is exactly what the hCG diet protocol does for people. Dr. Simeons devised this unique diet protocol when he identified the hCG hormone to be helpful in minimizing weight.

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin hormone is produced in substantial quantities when a woman is pregnant to help sustain the mother and the child. HCG Injections when introduced in modest every day doses into the body helps to unlock fat cells so that they can be consumed.

This also helps reduce the appetite so its easer to follow a strict diet of 500 calories per day. The locked fat reserves of the body are used up which leads to weight loss. With the hCG diet it’s feasible to shed 1 pound a day, a lot of have even lost more than a pound a day.

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, also known as HCG, is the hormone found in pregnant women that helps to feed the fetus before a woman knows she has become pregnant, so that the fetus is able to survive.

Hcg allows that unborn fetus to feed off of the fat cells stored in the unknowing mothers body. If the hormone allows this to happen during pregnancy, it makes sense that the fat cells Hcg would absorb for nourishment in those cases, could be used by an individual in order to lose weight in the absence of an unborn fetus.

With the appropriate eating habits, the body could easily survive off of the caloric intake of these fat cells, in conjunction with the guidelines of the hcg diet. It is believed that HCG will mobilize the unnecessary fats stored in the body safeguarding the essential fats critical to human health.

The hcg diet along with regular hcg injections, has been proven to be quite successful for many people who have tried other methods to lose weight. The hcg diet, although strict, is quite easy to follow with the right amount of discipline. There is a wide array of delicious and realistic hcg recipies available to help guide an individual to success using hcg injections.

The hcg diet calls for a 500 calorie per day intake without the need for physical activity. For the more active individual, the hcg diet allows another 200 calories of protein per day.

It is also important to keep the body well hydradrated while taking hcg injections. Water intake is a key element to any healthy lifestyle, especially while on the hcg diet.

The remainder of necessary caloric intake is provided by the fat cells that the hcg turns into nourishment for the user. Therefore, the more fat cells the individual contains, the greater the success of the hcg injections. Although there are other alternatives to an injection of hcg, the potency and validity of these alternatives is unverifiable.

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