An HCG diet plan is simply seen as weight solution that combines human chorionic gonadotropin hormone and a strict diet plan that is low in calorie. HCG prescription is normally used in treating fertility issues but recent research has shown that it can also be used in shedding off some extra pounds. The key here is losing weight without undergoing any health issues that come with other diet plans.

When it comes to various forms of dieting, what one eats can be very particular. However; with a HCG diet plan you can eat good but still lose some extra pounds. Here are a few HCG recipes that are quite fulfilling and taste good at the same time.

Fruit Relish as an HCG Side Dish Recipe


• One stalk of finely chopped celery

• A half finely chopped apple

• One teaspoon of red onion (minced)

• Two tables spoons of vinegar

• Just a dash of Worcestershire sauce

• Tow table spoons of lemon juice

• A dash of salt and pepper to taste


Mix the celery together with all the other ingredients. Ensure that you mix well then allow the ingredients to marinate for thirty minutes. After marinating your fruit relish is ready to be served.

Pepper Steak as a Main HCG Dish Recipe


• Just a hundred grams of lean steak

• A dash of Worcestershire sauce

• Salt to taste

• Grounded black pepper


First you need to tenderize your steak and make it look flat. After that, rub the salt and pepper on your piece of steak. After that you can opt to cook or grill your meat. Add Worcestershire sauce and your steak is ready.

You can also focus on a diet plan which is divided on a three day basis.

Day One

On day one; breakfast will be limited to only Pomegranate herbal tea which is normally sweetened by vanilla Stevia. This herbal tea carries quite a number of health benefits and one might be surprised by how full they feel after taking a cup of this sweetened tea. For lunch one can have just a piece of grilled chicken, 3 cups of lettuce and a half grapefruit. If you feel the need you can have some Melba toast with all that. This meal gives you protein, vitamin and starch. For dinner keep it simple with grilled fish, strawberries and steamed cabbage.

Day Two

For breakfast, focus on only taking half grapefruit and herbal tea. This can be sweetened using Stevia. During lunch, take your other half of grapefruit with grilled chicken. This chicken can be grilled with onions and celery peppers. Again your chicken can be taken with Melba toast. For dinner keep it simple again by taking grilled fish and strawberries.

Day Three

Have your herbal tea with an apple. On that day, put a lean roast in your crock pot and allow it to cook for hours. This lean roast should be ready to eat during dinner time. For lunch have a blend of fruits like apple, strawberries, grapefruit and oranges. For dinner take your roast with dessert made from warm cinnamon apple.

Always remember to keep control of your portion size servings.

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